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Hi all,

A couple days ago I took home a lost bird that was probably a release dove from a memorial service on campus. He/she seems to be able to fly but I have only seen him/her do so for a few feet at a time.

I'm assuming this is a pigeon, can anyone confirm or know what type? Tips on telling sex are also welcome, I couldn't really make sense of what I found online.

I'm also looking for general advice on bonding and making sure I'm doing the best I can for Pigeo. Currently I'm letting him spend some time out of the cage in which he mostly just sits on the ground or walks around for a bit, but how do I establish enough trust to put pigeon pants on in the future?

Other info:
I've ordered a 36x23x25 inch dog crate (largest I can keep) as a better cage, have Hagen Pigeon & Dove Seed, and ordered vitamin supplement and grit. I have tried giving him lettuce a couple times but he ignored it...

I also have a mirror in the cage, but what other (inexpensive, I've spent a lot in the last few days...) things can I offer to keep him entertained/occupied when I'm away?

Additionally, should I be worried that his droppings have been quite watery? I'm assuming because he has been stressed from being lost and then being put in a new environment.
Looking for any and all advice and information, much thanks!


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