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My aviary/loft is called "THE DOVES".
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this is dynamic, and sort of funny. but concerning. My Ku is ten years old, has a beautiful mate named Willow, who laid her eggs two weeks ago. He had been also mating my white pigeon, Havalina. I caught them in the act a few times, and now he has fertalized her eggs too. THere is one of her eggs in under Willow. I know that they take extra partners like this, but wont do any of the grooming, or setting the nest with them. just mating, that is it. I am going to replace Havalinas eggs with duds. Is this common practise? it seems like the thing to do, as i dont want willow and ku to become depleated feeding too many squeekers, and I think Havalina should have her own mate. I introduced a male this week, and he took the other single hen. she was interested though, so that is a good sign. just a little disbalance.

to dud or just take the egg. any comments? suggestions? anyone else that had this happen?

I have a small flock, only 10 pigeons once my Havalina and my other single yb are mated.

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