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Instead, recommendation for 'Natural Vitamineral'

2 years ago I tried artificial lights for around 20 hours of simulated daylight in preparation for the first hatch of Birmingham Rollers in the new year. A dimming system for reptiles with flourescent tubes did not give smooth enough transition so two timers were employed instead. The first for a pair of low wattage bulbs, to soften the transition to brighter lights switched by the second timer. I found the following advertised but have not tried it: http://www.awbirds.co.uk/sun4-light...dimmer-control-box-with-night-light-803-p.asp but also used a thermostatically controlled electric room heater to come on if it became too cold in the shed.

All of that did not seem worthwhile after all, and reckon the cold weather and greater peregrine frequency early in the year could have made settling and training more uncomfortable for me and more hazardous for the birds. If I used it again I would use cool-running LED bulbs for safety.

In general the best thing I found for the breeding loft was 'Natural Vitamineral' which has cured the loose droppings and excessive drinking which, even when using other supplements, I used to see in the breeding loft every year - when this happened again this year, and as soon as it was provided, it switched things back to normal and they have remained much healthier with improved productivity. After being very keen on it when it was first presented they only peck a little of it occasionally.

In contrast to their condition before using Vitamineral, their plumage has remained brighter and their behaviour super-calm, so it must provide something lacking in the products I had been using previously.
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