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Link to the commercial I "pigeon wrangled" in.

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As I previously posted, I was "pigeon wrangler" for a commercial for the Kentucky State Lottery last Fall. Here is a link to the commercial starring some of my pigeons and George Washington.
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loved it!!! thanks for sharing!
Cool! I was hoping we'd get to see your birds' moment of fame!
Ha! How cool! That must have been such a fun experience. Your birds are lovely.
Nice, but how did you able to wrangle those birds not to fly? They are homers , right?
I removed the pigeons food the morning before and the lady on the bench was feeding them, so they stayed in the area and ate the corn she was throwing out.
I brought 25 pigeons. All of the pigeons made it safely home.
The flying pigeon and the bird that landed on Washington's head were young birds that could not fly well.
I released the flying one from just behind and to the left of the camera.
The one that landed on Washington's head I dropped from about 10 inches above. I stood on a step ladder just barely off camera.
The pigeon on Washington's head when he runs tward the camera is a robotic model of a pigeon attached to his head by about 8 wooden sticks that are pushed into and pinned to the wig. They put the motor from a childs toy in it and could raise and lower the wings and turn the head, but detached the control for the commercial.
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Thanks for the info Keith C.. You are famous now!
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