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Living And Loving In An Efficiency Appartment

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Well, Laz and Lil are doing great. Laz has tried to entice Lil in to aq little pigeon loving, with no response from her. Poor Laz, bowing and moaning, and she just turns her back and walked away. Lil was waitinf for the proposal, the ring, the vows, and a place with 4 walls and a roof, of her own.
So, we had a quick proposal, Laz promised her a ring some day, the wedding was performed by Brutus R. N. Dove. Cookie Dove (Reverend Dove's wife) was Matron of Honor. The attendents were Crumpet Dove @008 baby), Candy Dove (2007 baby), Elvis Jr. and Bogey (silkie doves)
After the wedding, Laz and Lil went house hunting. Theydid find an efficiency appartment that Lil found most acceptable. " Oh, Laz, it's little, but it's so cute. It's big enough for us, really!!!" Both of them kept peeking in, but not moving in to what is actually a card board box from my small hexagonal aquarium, with a nest bowl and nesting material inside. This morning, when I checked in on the kids, they had moved in, re-arrainged (sp?) furniture, ie., shoved nest bowl to front of box, and pulled all nest material out behind. I have an idea, there will be additions to this little family, very soon, if Laz has his way.
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They sure sound like a couple of characters. Sounds like they are settling in, hope they have a long and wonderful life together AND many kids!!!:D

Thanks for sharing.
Well, I can't wait for the next installment!!!!:p
I'm with Maggie...looking forward to the NEXT installment!

:D :D :D

Many Thanks, Daryl!!

Love, Hugs and Scritches

Shi :)
Hey Laz! Hey Lil! I'm so glad you've found yourselves your little honeymoon home! Please do move right on in and be making your human Mama some little bug eyed babies!

They are so fortunate to find such an excellent apartment. Sound roomy enough to raise a family!
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