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hey everyone i am looking at extending my loft with an avairy on the front
and i want to know your thoughts,
i hava tached a pic of the loft as it is now, i have 2 ideas of how build the avary, the first idea i had was to build a cage that goes from the ground up under the landing boards, and extends out about a meter (3feet), if i go with this option i wonder what the best option is for the floor/ground i want to keep it prety nateral and dont want to put concrete down, thought maybe try to grow grass or other types of plants in the bottom???

the other option i have looked at is very simalar but insted of going to the ground it will stop at the hight of the windows (suspended) and will have a wire mesh floor?

the things that need to be considered are cats (curently no cats have been a problem but there are a few in the area)
i also want to use the entrance to the avery as a basketing hatch ( buy putting a basket over the entrance with a sliding door hopfuly meaning the birds will be more confident to go into a small cace inside the avery

thanks for your thoughts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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