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So I recently moved the pigeons to their winter loft. Between rain & cold, it was time.
I am still trying to hold out and get 1 clutch in (Billing is going on!!! No nest making or egg laying, even though the males have been bugging the females consistently ), but Im starting to think the loft is too small.
Aside from the bickering, they seem to have plenty of leg room. But, if they do nest (if they don't nest by end of sept. they aren't going to be let too) I'm afraid they will fight territorially if they nest (that, and come spring it'd be a great squab raising loft, but by then there will be less pigeons).
The loft is 7x4x5 (think, will have to double check), and has 15 birds in it - 5 breeding pairs (10 birds). I'm looking into getting some milk crates and have elevated breeding nest-boxes. Would this help with the territorial fights? And how high should I make them (I don't want the babies jumping out and hurting themselves) - the floor is mostly hay and pretty soft, but of course it will get harder and packed down as the winter continues. (but ill try to keep it pretty clean and shuffled up so its soft and warm).

yes, I'm aware it's late for breeding. The loft Is well insulated and I won't be breeding when it's under -10
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