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THis classic looking grey pigeon just showed up on our house last week and hangs around on the roof like he belongs here. he has a leg band that all i could see,had the date 2007 and USA printed on it. we are curious why is it here and staying? we have no pigeon coups in the neighborhood that I know of and never saw him before. what do they like to eat?
-Renton, WA
well,.walmart isn,t too far away,.get some kaytee wild bird food,or hop on down to auburn to dels farm supply-off west valley hiway,west of super mall, and get some pigeon food and grit..all this works well,...does someone own him??,most likely,the band tells to whom he supposed to belong,-some group or club in everett,--but i do not uphold to people who release for sport/or a fast dinner for predatory animals,..he could be just resting and getting his new bearings for home,,he does need protection from cats,hawks,etc,..but i know you will not be able to protect him much,just offer food and water,and use binoculars to view leg band,-if you want,..he may have just found a new home,,try to protect him,,hard to say how long he,ll stay,..sincerely james waller [email protected]
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