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look at my pigeons

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these are my pigeons i have 3 right now but i plan to get more very soon look at this video check out my loft and if you have tips or advise don't hold back please

click this link for youtube video

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Nice birds. :)
Well, you said "don't hold back"...so I won't..........;)
Where exactly is this loft? Inside a garage or something? When did you shoot the video? It's pretty dark and dreary looking in there to me. I guess before I comment on things I'm not sure about, better pictures would be in order. The outside. The inside.
lol no problem man yeah its inside the garage i wanted to put it outside but the the material its made out of wont hold up outside its not really that dark in there i just used a bad camera and i shot the video a couple hours ago like in the morning
love birds also I'm gone shoot a better video sum time today when there is more sun outside so keep checking ill have it up by the end of today
I noticed it was in the garage there, they are going to need direct sun... time in the sun is important, and even rain showers make them happy, if your able to put it outside in nice weather their health will benefit from that. and three birds do not need that much feed, and also, if you have any mice about they can get in that chicken wire and leave droppings in the loft that can cause illness. otherwise, Im impressed how you can open a door and hold a pigeon at the same time:p:)
they get a good amount of sunlight just the video was bad and yeah its pretty covered up the chicken wire is like 2 feet of the ground and also im planning on getting more birds that's why i got all that feed oh and sorry guys about the video i made it but youtube's giving me problems (im still trying though)
i think some actual plywood and some good strong 2x4 are in order also better nest boxes would be nice and maby some more perches for them looks like eather floor or cabnet to me and maby a better roof instead of what looked like a sheet maby you should make a new loft and outside instead of in a garage where they are not getting any sunlight or rain

if they are homers they will come back if you are scared to put your loft outside
actually i wanted to put it outside but i only had 100 dollars 20 for the birds and 80 for the loft the cheapest material from home depot was this so i had to work with what i had lol and the roof lol its indoors so to me it doesn't matter lol hopefully though i can make a new loft soon like maybe in the fall or something but that's until i can get enough money hahaha and yeah i'm also trying to put in more perches wear ever i can i keep adding more stuff onto the loft ( that trap door was not there yesterday haha) and soon as itrain them to go back in the loft im gone let em go outside and leave the garage open so they can come back when ever they want to,, thanks for all the advise bro also do you know any clubs i can join around Harrisburg pa
i'm sure there are some member's from there on this site i am in london ont you should check out my birds on my website or in the album on my profile by clicking the like at the end of my post
You could have made a mobile loft just like Pegasus on this website. He rolls his breeding pen outside to get some sun and put it back in the garage after that.

Nice birds by the way. Are you planning to breed them? If so you may need more birds. Also are you planning to cross breed them?
Thanks, yeah im going to breed them im getting 4 more birds by friday and idk about cross breeding i guess if a modena mates with a homer or something ill let them i really dont care i just want to breed them and fly them im not gonna show them or race them or anything so iguess cross breeding would be kool also how should i improove on the nest boxes?? right now there pretty crappy haha mookee man thats allota birds bro haha but there nice though. i like them
thank's yea i have a bunch:D there great

i would not let your birds cross that sorta wrecks the blood and makes it harder to find pure blood lines like with my mookees there are not to many people who raise them so it is hard to find new blood lines i have been looking for someone with them for 2 years now and i have found 3 people and i bought them out:D so it is hard to get pure blood lines so dont cross them it's hard to find homes for crossed birds
yeah tha is true i guess im gonne have to make shure i have pairs of each type then
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