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Fox Valley Combine's next auction is March 27 and April 11. I have several members of PT that are sending birds. 10,000 first and 500 OOA first place pays first 35 places and first 3 in each of the 8 clubs. Check out this link for more info. I posted the flyer on here. I am also the chairman of this race.


Any questions feel free to call me at 847-436-2152

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i am looking for a auction race i can send 4 young birds to.
http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/f14/combine-fundraiser-42270.html here is one of my links here on PT. Out of area birds welcome BUT must be banded with special bands. IF babies are not banded yet I will get the bands to you when donation received. You can have birds go into rotation or my loft. My combine also has 4 other auction races. Depending on when babies are banded, they can go to them also. Where are you located?

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i am looking for a auction race i can send 4 young birds to.

Just a reminder that AONE Club has an auction for our Auction Race this Thurs. at 7pm. Please pass this along to anyone that you may think would be interested. ALL are welcome to bring birds and place them in the loft of your choice if you buy them back. Last year, the AONE club paid out significantly more than all the other auction races in the valley combined. Come test your birds/handlers from the AU Convention Race station.


Race will be flown from Daggett CA (300+ miles) in December
and will be released with the Average Speed Race. Total combined
entry cannot exceed club shipping limit.

Auction Dates:
Saturday Feb 6th @ 1PM
Thursday Mar 4th @ 7PM
Thursday Mar 18th @ 7PM
Tuesday Mar 30th @ 7PM
Wednesday Apr 21st @ 7PM

Auction Location: Furlonge residence 965 E Desert Lane Gilbert AZ 85234

Birds placed in auction should be 4-5 weeks old.

Starting bid of $25 guaranteed by breeder.

Payout will be 50-50 Breeder/Buyer split.

All birds must be paid for on night of auction.

Race will be shipped and figured at AONE RPC using Unikon clocks.

Race committee decision on all matters are final.

1st - 15%,
2nd - 12%,
3rd - 10%,
4th - 7%,
5th - 6%,
6th thru 8th - 5%,
9th thru 10th - 4%,
11th thru 15th - 3%,
16th thru 20th - 2%.

Out of area breeders: Contact Travis Burleson [email protected] or
Steve Furlonge (480) 215-4255
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