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4 days ago a very beautiful, well cared for,peach colored pigeon took to visiting my yard where I feed birds. I talked to her each day and tried to get close enough to read her band but she would fly up to the top of the porch roof. I tried to reach a friend who raises pideons looking for some advise on how to catch her but couldn't reach him. Today I'm sad to report I found her dead in the middle of the road. Her tag is AGSG 07 464192. If this is your bird you can contact me at [email protected].

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Here's the email that I sent and the one I just got back.


I saw the post that you made on the Pigeon Talk web site.
We appreciate you trying to find the owner of the bird, but there isn't an owner or if there is, there's no way to know WHO it is.
You see, these birds with AGSG bands were part of a big scam that started a couple of years ago.
To make a long story short, when the company went under, lots of people were stuck with lots of birds. Many of the birds were just out right killed and many were just turned loose to fend for themselves. Having been fed and cared for their entire life, most didn't know how to survive and probably starved to death.
Many people on our web site were able to save a few, but there's were 1000's of birds and no one could take care of that many.
It's been at least a year since this all happened, so I would assume that the bird you found had either learned to survive in the wild and just had a mishap on the road, or someone had found it, was taking care of it and accidently let it escape.
In any case, again thank you for caring enough to try to find an owner.

AKA "Lovebirds" on the Pigeon Talk web site.


Thank you so much for your answer. Since she looked to be in very good health I would say that she did escape. I am glad I had the chance to feed her and talk to her for a few days. God bless. Brenda
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