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Looking to adopt pigeon or dove

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I live in South Jersey, near the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and I'm looking for any bird that someone needs to find a home for. Handicap is okay as long as its healthy. I have a pet starling that I hand raised and I'm looking forward to getting another pet bird that I can love for life. I have chickens, and I don't even get rid of them, unfortunately I have 10 roosters because I don't kill anything and some chickens that are 9 years old. I don't get any eggs anymore, but they are my pets so they have a home for life. thank you mindy
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Thank you so much for your kindness and care of all God's creatures. :)

Would you be willing to have a pigeon shipped to you if you can't find any local?

We have a member/moderator, Reti in Miami who has some absolutely lovely birds that need homes, and pigeons do well with a buddy, would you like two?? :p
Mindy, you sound like a kindred spirit.
Check out this thread from last evening. This bird really needs some help.

Thanks for the kind words. I looked at the bird in ny and yes I would be willing to take it. I also would be willing to take two birds, I realize everyone needs a buddy. I have talked to Terry Whatley on Starling talk and she has told me that there are probably plenty of birds in my area so I wouldn't have to have the birds shipped. If they have to be shipped I would have to wait about 2 or 3 weeks because I do asphalt paving with my husband and I have been off all winter and we are just starting up for the summer, so until we get off the ground money wise I would have to wait a couple of weeks. Someone has told me it would cost about $30.00 to ship and another for $20.00 for boxes and handling cost. Is that about right? I know $50.00 isn't alot of money, but being off for 5 months, money is alittle tight right now. Plus I'm always helping other animals out in the neighborhood giving people food etc. so if I tell my husband I need $50.00 for a pigeon, I would hear a little grief. But I do want one, or two and can't wait. Sorry to go on and on. i'm just a little excited. mindy
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How far from you is the NY Pigeon?
I have som birds up for adoption. If it doesn't work out with the NY pijie I can ship you a couple, no cost to you. I just want them to have a good home.

Charis, I looked on the map and it says 130 miles from new york, NY to Philadelphia, PA which I'm just over the bridge about 20 miles give or take.

Reti, when I read your post, I almost fell off the chair. I don't expect you to foot the cost, I would definitely pay you back, it would just be 2-3 weeks. They would definitely have a good home. I don't have any children so I really love all my animals. Really LOVE THEM. Do they handle the shipping really well? I know a stupid question, I'm sure know one would do it if it harmed them, I just worry a little bit. I'm sure they would be alittle stressed. Pigeons aren't like chickens are they, meaning they can have more than one male in the coup. These roosters are really a pain in the #@*@ I mean to have 6 pens just because they don't get along is crazy. Four bachelors run around free and they don't fight one another because I don't give them any hens to fight about, but if they get ahold of the other roosters, OMG its brutal. I saved a pigeon about 3 years ago, he was on the side of a busy highway in the rain. So I brought him home and he was banded I'm still looking to find where I wrote that down. But I kept him for about 6 weeks then I he was healthy again so I took him back to a park really close to where I found him and he flew away. I wasn't on the internet, then, I was living under a rock lol, if I would have known about PT I would have done things differently. Anyway, sorry to go on and on the moral of the story is, I miss him and I'm new with pigeons, so I may have alot of question but I want to learn. mindy
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Perhaps you could meet the person half way. Just a thought.The bird really needs a home.
Reti could still send you some birds. Pigeons do well in a little flock.
I looked up the ny pigeon and it said it was in eastchester and I think it at least another 100 miles from new york, ny. It is further north. So at least 230 miles from me.
The NY person said they couldn't keep it because they have dogs and cats. I have a dog and alot of cats. The cats know to stay away from my cockateil and my starling and I even have a squirrel with down syndome and they do just fine with them. I mean I don't let them out of there cages with the cats in the room. But the cats don't harrass them in there cages. Me having cats doesn't change Reti mind about letting me adopt a couple of pigeons does it?
The NY person said they couldn't keep it because they have dogs and cats. I have a dog and alot of cats. The cats know to stay away from my cockateil and my starling and I even have a squirrel with down syndome and they do just fine with them. I mean I don't let them out of there cages with the cats in the room. But the cats don't harrass them in there cages. Me having cats doesn't change Reti mind about letting me adopt a couple of pigeons does it?
Only she can answer that but I would be surprised if it does.
I have 4 cats myself:eek:
My birds have their own room where the cats don't go in.
The birds I rehab I keep them in the living room in cages until I am sure they are 100% healthy before I take them to the room. In the living room I let them out for a couple of hours in the afternoon when the cats take their nap in the bedroom. They all know their schedule already.
I don't know what kind of pigeons you want. I have two racers male and female, I think. They are in adjacent cages, not mated or anything. I just received them, they seem healthy but I need another week or so to make sure.
I dewormed them today.
I have a pouter. He is tame, sometimes bites to get his point, but otherwise very sweet bird.
I have another pouter mated to a feral, sweet couple, the pouter is very tame, the feral so, so.
I have several babies from ages one week to two months. The two month old is tame and sweet, the other one I am trying to keep them wild as, maybe someone can release them in a safe environment.
I have another gorgeous racer, not tame, born 2008.
And a white homer, also not too tame but can be worked on as he is only three months old.
Gosh I can't believe how many birds I have on top of my long time pets.
So, take your pic:eek: Which ever you want I can ship you.
I will post some pics very soon.

The babies have to grow first before shipping is an option.
The two and three month old should be ok though.

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Hi Mindy! Good to see you "in the thick of things" here! As I told you, there is no shortage of pigeons looking for a home.

I know that all of us here who want to find good homes for pigeons will work with you to the extent we can.

Truly, Reti in Florida needs to place some birds, so if we can work out the shipping are you willing to adopt one or two of Reti's birds?

Welcome, it's so nice to see such a wonderful offer. :D I'm sure you are reading a bunch on here about how to take care of the pigeons, and we would be happy to answer any questions for you.

You asked about the males; generally males get along just fine as long as there is an equal male to female ratio. Pigeons mate for life (or until separated by someone or something) so once they chose a mate, they are content to have a nest box and a roomy flight pen to hang out in. You can use fake eggs so that they don't keep reproducing, as they will lay all year if the weather is not freezing (and sometimes even then!)

Any adopted birds would likely need to be kept "prisoners", which means they can't fly free. Most of the birds for adoption, like Reti's, are used to being in cages or enclosed areas so this is not a change for them. I have had "prisoner" birds, mostly rescues, for nine years and never had an issue with one trying to get out. They are, with rare exception, content to have some room to fly, a mate, food and water, and a warm, dry nest box.

Are you planning on setting them up in a pen outside? If so, you could build a small aviary/flight cage for them pretty easily. Depending on how many you have, you could start out fairly small and always add on later if you decide to have more. It's best to use 1/4 hardware cloth for the wire as it's the safest against predators. Some simple wooden square nest boxes work well, or even old bookcases, old furniture, or similar things. It's easy to improvise if you're short of funds, trust me, I know. ;)

You can find a pigeon seed mix at your feed store, sometimes they have a few. It's much cheaper usually to buy it by the 50lb bag, around $20. They should have red grit too, which pigeons need to digest their seeds. Store it in a sealed container, because if it gets damp at all it can mold and be toxic.

They enjoy a bath dish (plastic cat litter boxes work well) pretty much whenever you feel like giving them one. The little chicken waterers work well for just a few pigeons for drinking water, and you probably have one or two of those laying around already.

Which reminds me to mention we've found it's best not to let pigeons and chickens mingle or live together, as even the nicest chickens can kick a pigeon's tail. :cool:

All in all, it's pretty easy to keep pigeons. Just a water change and fresh food and grit everyday, and a scraping inside the aviary when it needs it. They're just as fun to watch as chickens (I love chickens too) and each one has such an individual personality, they are wonderful and smart birds. I hope it works out for you adopting some from Reti and the NY one, and like I said please ask any questions you think of. :D Good luck with those roosters, too.
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Reti, Terry, and Maryjane, Yes I would like a couple of birds. Since you guys are the experts, I think you should make the decision on what birds suite my needs. Which aren't much just healthy, alive and they get along withone another. I did not know they mate for life or until seperated, god how I wish chickens were like that. The odd couple, pouter, and feral peaked my interest but you guys decide. I would like at least one of them somewhat friendly to get me started on handlings them. I plan to have both a aviary inside and outside, inside for winter months because it does get cold here, I even had to bring a couple of chickens inside because they didn't have any feathers and they are old. I have several pens already that can be used until I build a better one. I'm a little obsessive when it come to animals, so I collect all kinds of pens. I already have a nice flight pen inside, and I already have a flight room inside that I use for my starling. I would never put the chickens in with the pigeons, I don't allow any flighting even with the chickens thats why I have 6 pens, for 10 roosters, and 10 hens. Why can't they just get along?? I have only seen the tan grit around here, I will check with my feed supply store. I always have bird seed around for the wild birds. So I'll buy what they want now. I'm excited and can't wait to work out the details. mindy Do you think they will get along witht the starling? The cockatiel is a mean %^$& he doesn't like anyone or anything. I saved him from a drug house so who knows what his past is like. mindy
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Hi Mindy, I'm fairly new to PT myself and have recently adopted two rescue King pigeons. I think it's very admirable of you to offer a forever home to a couple of rescue pigeons :p Pt is a wonderful site with wonderful people who have a wealth of knowledge aout pigeons and there are always soooo many pijies on here who need homes. Thank you for finding PT and Thank You for adopting rescues! :D
Debbie, I was just reading the king caravan 2009, is that where your birds came from? The thread is 27 pages long so I'm still reading it but from what I got so far, I think you adopted your bird from CA. I think its great. When I read what someone wrote "why did I look at the pictures", I couldn't bring myself to open up pictures so I didn't see where they came from in SF, I could only imagine. I'm going to start off with a couple of pigeons, but I'm sure it will grow in time. I have to start small so my husband doesn't freak out. Do you know whats funny, I have spelled pigeons my entire 43 years, (granted how many times have I spelled pigeon) but I spell it pidgeon. So if you see it spelled pidgeon, its just out of habit. I still can't believe it spelled pigeon. I'm blonde so there is my excuse. Thank you for the kind words, I can't wait for my babies. min
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Debbie, Just got done reading page 23 and looking at the picture of your kings, they are beautiful, really beautiful. Well I got 4 more pages to go on the king caravan 2009. mindy
Hi Mindy :)

Just wanted to say welcome to PT from a fellow Jersian - and to offer my help if you ever need it. Sometimes it's nice knowing someone is close by... relatively speaking anyway ;) I'm in Piscataway - it's near Rutgers University / New Brunswick, NJ. I'll PM you my phone number as well in case you ever want to call if you have a question or anything.

It would be wonderful if you can adopt from Reti - and even the NY pigeon (hopefully). My two pigeons are inside and we have two cats - so as others have said, with the right setup all should do fine together.

I don't know if you have any feed stores near you. I don't have any around here so I make due with stuff I get from PetCo and PetSmart. If you'd like I'll post a list. I'm assuming most PetSmart's carry the same products.

Again, welcome! I know you're going to enjoy your new pets and the community here on PT :D
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Thank you Dezirrae, I'm not computer savy at all. I can barely send this. I think I pm you backed but I don't know. I'll get better with time. I'm in the phase where I'm afraid to hit keys and screw up the computer. I have plenty of feed stores around me. I live in the country and there are all sorts of farmers near me. Actually the petsmart is really far from me. But thanks for the offer. I will probably be calling you in a state of panic when I get my pigeons, just because I'm new and I'm kinda of a worry wart when it comes to my babies. I agree with the animals situation, if people want something to work out it will. Anything is possible. It just takes some effort and patience. Well I can't wait to become a new mother and thanks again. min
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