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Mated pairs switching

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Well, I have all my birds back out into the lofts together, my garage breeding is over. Anyway, I have some birds that did not like the pairings I did, I guess. They have swithed off on me. I would be willing to bet they know more than I do. One pairing had been done before and swithed back to the originals. One pair had never even seen each other before but as soon as they were in the loft together they were paired and down on eggs. The third is a crazy story, I have a 07 bird from Randal Berkey and brought it into the garage, paired it to a older hen, and nonfertile eggs. After a few rounds of no good ones I thought for sure it was the hen. Well, anouther hen goes in and no good eggs from her either and I knew she was good. So, I put him out in the loft and when I brought my garage birds out he took a liking to a hen from red rose lofts and are down on good eggs. It is just crazy sometimes and I think these pairs will produce a better bird than I did with my pairings.
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When you are pairing up for the first time you just never know.:eek: Dave
Do you think being in the garage had anything to do with having infertile eggs? Just a thought...I just threw it out there. I've want to do some force pairing myself but I'm gonna wait until next year to try it out. My breeders were already paired up when I got them.
Henry, ALL my breeding is done in my garage. Dave
LOL! Dave! You don't have a spare bedroom? :p
I force pair my birds 90% of the time. The other 10%, I just let them be because I like the pair they already have made.
Again, well put Kal-El. ROD I would put them there if i had one....I have a two bedroom home. and two Teenage Boys... One has his bedroom. in what used to be the Family room. LOL! Ask my Wife! They would be inside if i could.... Dave
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