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:confused::eek:When pigeon are breeding/ mating... The male is suppose to be on top always right? Because I paired up two roller pigeon. But the female goes on top the male, is this possible or I am sexing the pigeon wrong? Is this normal?:confused:
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I think its always the male on top n I think that the sexing might be wrong there.... Just look at the behavior of the two and the one who bosses over and very dominant over the territory will be the male.
I agree. We all sometimes make mistakes with the sexing part. When the egg is produced, you can better determine further. Good luck with the babies.
pigeon sex?

i think i have the right sex on the male... but the female, i am not sure, but why is the female on top of the male? Is it possible they are both males? I know for sure the male is a male, but it lays down for the other to get on.. It is terroritory, aggressive, gives that mating dance and the behavior is a male...
I have noticed that they take turns being on top, but males are usually on top. That is normal. Those are my breeding pairs and they lay eggs so they "topped" each other.
i have a pair that does that to the female goes on top don't know why it happens but i noticed that it happens just a couple of days before the female is ready to lay her eggs and it also happens when they are constantly mounting like if they mount more the 8 times in one day
i have a pair of racing pigeons before.. this is what happens. the male pigeon goes on top of the female and mate. after thats done, the female goes on top this time and mates..

pigeons are really hard to understnd. that what i can conclude.. hehe..
Well, this post is dated May 2009, did the pair lay eggs eventually ?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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