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I'm in South/West Michigan and fly white racing homers. They fly 30-50 miles. We do weddings and funerals.
I belong to AU and NWDRS. I've been flying birds now for almost 5 years. I take good care of my birds. You can see what I do here: www.doveeffects.com

A friend of mine died last week. The funeral is in Clyde Ohio, which is in the Sandusky area. Between Toledo and Cleveland. He was 40, with two young kids and a wife, and it's pretty devastating. A White Dove release would be very comforting for them.

As the crow flies that is almost 150 miles from my house. If I took my birds there, they would likely never make it home. Much as I want to do it, I can't risk my birds.

I am looking for someone in that area, or between here and there (I am driving from near Battle Creek Michigan to Clyde) who will let me borrow some of their birds for a release for my friend's funeral.

I would pick them up on Wednesday morning. The funeral is at 11 am, so would be releasing them probably around 12. I can text you when they take off so you'll know when to look for them.

It might be a nice long training toss for someone with some birds that are able to do the distance.

Please email me if you can help me out.


Theresa Brandt
[email protected]

Dove Effects: White Dove Releases
"the special effect for your special event!"
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