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hi there guys/gals,
i have been in racing for a couple of days now,lol
i was helped out by chou.
i like to thank him for that,

i have a question,
where do you get meds for your racers so that they dont catch anything?
and are they pricy?
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Better to keep them healthy, then to start pouring drugs into them. It is much less costly that way. But, first I would start researching the causes of sickness. There are any number of threads already started here on this site.

I would also read this complete reference material. http://www.avianmedicine.net/ampa.html

Perhaps the book "Feed to Win" would also be helpful.
That's a good read. There is also a post here about meds to stock your loft with, LoveBirds had good recommendations. From worming to vaccines, feed to natural suppliments, everyone has their own ideas. You, like the rest of us will read what you read and come up with your own plan. But then that's where the fun is.

God Bless,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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