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Metronidazole, and other medications in bulk, redistribution

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An update on fish medication "Flagyl" aka "Fish-Zole" aka Metronidazole being available - two companies who used to ship this as either "Hex-a-mit" or "Fish-Zole" seem to have either gone out of business or stopped shipping it. The aquarium supply that I finally found it at explained that she immediately knew which medication I was looking for because aquarium enthusiasts are annoyed by how hard it is to find... and now it's only available in 20-GRAM containers!

So now I have plenty of Metronidazole for my Nocarrier rescue, and a 19.5 gram container of 100% pure Metronidazole left over! I know there must be a way to get this in the hands of people who could use it - either first time rescuers, or other PT members?

I doubt a large rescue organization would take it, since it's been opened. Even though it didn't have a seal, if I were them, I'd be very reluctant to accept unverifiable medications even in donation.

I am very open to requests for small amounts, or good ideas on where this can do some good. Has there been any discussion of a donation-sourced meds armory amongst this group, where needed meds can be mailed quickly? it's very easy to build a tiny little database or even a spreadsheet of medications available and contact information. I'd be happy to contribute effort (I'm in SF, and a computer professional by trade.)

Or is the risk of emailing this stuff across state lines just too worrisome?

Hoping this turns into a productive thread. :)
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on second thought, maybe this should be in General Discussion? :/
You want to be a bit careful ceren,

Most states have laws that forbid, under criminal penalties, anyone other than a licensed pharmacist from dispensing drugs. It is true the pet stores sell a number of medications for fish and animals across the counter which does not seem to bother the regulators, but like I said, be discrete.
can any one tell which medicine is good for young ill pigeons
I order medications sometimes from the states without issue. They aren't even held at the border. Some useless stuff I've had shipped has been, but not medications. I find that ironic, but there you go. I don't think they worry much about meds like these.
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