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I have two rescue doves that I love to talk about (but I don't log in here very often, it seems... only in crisis!) and three days ago the worst possible thing happened. I'd left the top flap of their cage, a large rabbit cage, open as I got them clean water for the day, and Gorou (not the brightest bulb in the box) decided to make an escape instead of waiting for me to open the easier hatch to leave from. I can only imagine what happened next--I was in the kitchen, wrongly assuming he'd stay put, lesson learned--but I believe he made calculations to exit the cage which did not factor in any sort of landing. He collided with one wall and then in a panic hit another and I found him bleeding from his beak in the corner.

The nearest skilled Avian vet is a solid 30 minute drive; I had someone else drive while I held him, making sure he wouldn't panic and potentially hit something else in his carrier. When we got there the vet was happy we brought him but pessimistic about his chances. He was bleeding internally and his head was extremely swollen.

Fast forward several days, after two steroid shots (one on the first day, one on the second), a shot of fluids and some medicam, and he's practically like new! He's jumping on his perches, doing his little "I did it!" laugh every time... I honestly can't believe his speedy recovery.

I'd like to recommend All Pets to anyone who happens to live in the Quad Cities area, they were amazing, and it just goes to show it's never too late to give those fluids and a shot of steroids a try... one of the options she gave me was euthanasia and I'm so happy I had the heart to believe he'd pull through.
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