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I have about 50 pigeons for sale, trying to clear out my excess to make room for the coming breeding season. I will ship if a minimum of 4 birds are purchased. Estimated shipping cost is $60 plus price of box.

Modenas: I have a breeding pair plus 2 single cocks. They are bronze schiettis from Haugen and Weyrauch bloodlines. All banded. $20 each

Flying Spanish Thief Pouters: I have 2 breeding pairs plus a single cock. One pair is a qualmond cock with a black hen. The second pair is a qualmond cock with a blue hen. The single cock is black, a son off of the first pair. 2 of them are banded, the rest are not. $15 each

West of England Tumblers: I have 4 breeding pairs and 4 young. Blacks, andalusians, red mottles, bronze, and black splashes. Most of them are banded and show quality. Young are $10 each, adults are $20 each

If you want me to send you pics, email me at [email protected]
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