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Moe has gone...

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Yesterday my sweet Moe spread his wings and took flight over the Rainbow Bridge. I'll miss you my love :(
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Rest in Paradise Moe :\

Hope you're doing ok Pete
I am so sorry, Pete.
RIP, sweet Moe.

Sorry Moe is gone Pete. What happened?
RIP Moe.....you sure were a pretty one.
Pete, I am very sorry. Moe was a lovely pigeon and I know you will miss him.
So sorry, Pete. Fly high, Moe!

Ah, Pete, this has to be difficult for you. What a gorgeous bird! I am so sorry for your loss.

I am SO sorry to hear the news about Moe. :(

I know you must be devisted....:(

Rest in Peace, Dear Moe, you are now free of all bondage and in total Peace.
I'm truly sorry for you loss, Pete.
I just saw your thread, Pete.

I am just so sorry!! I know how much you loved Moe!!

Moe is flying free with beloved others who have flown over the Rainbow Bridge...

But, you are still here, Pete...We know that Moe will always be tucked securely and forever in your heart and memories...

We are sending WARM LOVING HEALING THOUGHTS WITH HUGS to help at this sad time...

Shi and Squeaks and Dom and Gimie and Woe
Thank you all so much! What made this worse was that he wasn't sick or showing any signs of any problems, I found him "sleeping" under his toys when I got home from work like I usually do this time he didn't wake up to play :(
Pete..........So sorry for your loss. I know you must be in shock finding him that way. He was a beautiful pidg. Rest in Peace sweet little Moe.

I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your beloved Moe. My heart goes out to you.

Pete, I'm so sorry about your dear Moe. I always enjoyed seeing your posts and his name at the bottom with all the others, I always liked his name. I know you will miss him a lot.
Thats heartbreaking Pete ,

My condolences , Rest in Peace Moe

Again, I thank you all! You all make it easier to get through a very tough time.
Our Condolences....

Blessings to you and yours, Pete.

Was very sad to read the post about your beautiful Moe. That picture is so stunning.
In one way it is best for our Beloved Creatures to go peacefully as your Moe did, though it can be such a shock. I'm thankful to God, however, that Moe seemed so peaceful and without suffering the pain of illness. How sweet that he was asleep near his favorite toys.
He shall always send blessing to you from above...
And most important....you will meet up with hime again!
Prayers of comfort and healing have sincerely been offered for you this night.
Be well and keep the faith, friend of God's Beloved Creatures.
So clearly he was -- is -- a beloved and most fortunate bird to be with you.

I'm so sorry to hear about Moe. He was a beautiful bird and a wonderful companion. I know you loved him and that love went both ways. RIP little Moe.

1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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