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Mother and Child taking care of egg

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So, my female pigeon that has had two successful babies, has laid two new eggs. so i had gotten a new male pigeon a while ago for her, but he flew away. and now it is just my female pigeon, and her two babies now. but when the male was here, they mated, and now she has two eggs. but since there is no father, she has asked her oldest baby , to help her sitting on the eggs. now they act just like a pair, but i think her baby is a female also!! so that is very interesting!! just wanted you guys to know that!! or it could be the baby's egg also, because the baby did mate with the pigeon that mated with the mom. but the oldest baby is almost a year old, so it's not really a baby anymore! but yea!! :D:D:D:D
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lets hope her new mate will stay put, sounds like he will if he was hatched there....:)
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