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Hi there,
I'm not a Pigeon keeper and I don't know anything about birds.
I have a problem and need some advice.

We live in a quiet Cul-de-sac in Norfolk and a female Pigeon has built a nest in the tree in our back garden.
She has been hanging around for months and finally finished her nest this week.
We guessed she was ready to lay her eggs and yesterday she did.
One of them fell out the nest and smashed onto the ground unfortunately but even after this happened she remained sat in her nest and did not move so we guessed there was another egg.

Last night late at night I heard her flapping her wings and squawking.
I couldn't see anything out of the window as it was too dark but my guess is a cat got her.
Today she wasn't in the nest and hadn't been there for a long while.
My husband climbed the wall and glanced int he nest and said there were no eggs in there.
So I don't know what happened to the other one- perhaps there wasn't another one but why would she still sit in the nest and not move?

We found out what happened. She must've been attacked by a cat or other animal as she returned to the garden and looked battered- her feathers had been pulled at in a few areas. She was always flying on one side so she must be in pain.

She was sat in the nest earlier and has been hanging around looking sorry for herself.
We don't know what to do for her.
We have put food and water out for her and it seems she wants to stay here but we need to find out what attacked her and try to prevent it happening again.
Are there any cat repellant techniques we could try?
Could it have been another bird? Even that late at night?

We live in a quiet area in a villiage so theres not much wildlife around here- just the odd cat.

Could it have been a rat?

The tree is next to a brick wall. Whatever attacked her had seen her nest somehow.
The nest is well concealed at the front but more exposed at the back near the garden wall.
Could we put some net around it to seal it off?

We really want to help the Pigeon. Our children have named her and love having her here. They really want to see her have her little family and so do we.

Can anybody offer any advice and also could anybody explain her behaviour- i.e, why she is still sitting in the nest when there are no eggs.
After a scare like this, will she return to the nest and lay again?
Also what do you think happened to the other egg?

Many Thanks

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The important thisng is that she gets started on antibiotics immediately, as cat bites often cause pasteurella septicemia in birds.

I am in Norfolk (I assume you are in the UK and it is a wood pigeon). I have sent you my number by private message and can help with the anitibiotics, if she is able to fly then they can be placed in a peanut.

The pigeon is probably ready to lay her second egg (they don't lay them on the same day) , but whatever the predator is, and it is most likely a cat as it attacked at night, it knows where she is and will return. If it doesn't kill the mother now it will get the babies. Letting her remain in that particular tree isn't woth the risk.


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Hi, and thank you for your concern.
Our native pigeons don't usually build nests in trees. "wood pigeons" in the UK do I believe.
Pigeons will lay 1 egg first, then the second 2 days later.
My guess is that a predator (cat, owl, hawk) got a hold of her. They can't see well in the dark to get away.
Where she is injured now, is there any way you can catch her to check her over? If she was attacked by a cat, she needs to be on antibiotics right away. Cat bites will kill birds.

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Many Thanks for your reply.
I don't think we'll be able to catch her.
She is quite jumpy- particularly after her scare last night.
I will pop out now and if she's in the nest I shall see how close she'll let me get.
I will try to look for any injury and report back.

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I have just popped out and she's not in the nest. I can't see her anywhere but she has been flying back and forth today so she will be around somewhere.
I have seen her on neighbours roofs today.

The first egg she laid had fallen out and smashed at some point yesterday but as I say, she still sat in the nest after this happened for a good while.
Perhaps she was getting ready to lay the second?
I wonder if she knew the first egg had fallen out?
If there was a second egg she was keeping warm it would surely still be there or would have fallen out at the time of the attack but theres no sign of it.

We have tied a small 500ml size bottle of water to the tree just below her nest hoping this will ward off the cat- if it was indeed a cat.
We have also tied a bag of peppercorns to the tree hoping the smell will deter the cat also.

When I saw her earlier I didn't see any cuts on her. There are a couple of feathers in the garden and some of her feathers on her body are sticking out.
I pray that whatever got her just pulled at the feathers and didn't get her skin.

As she is flying around back and forth I'm hoping she's ok.

I'm not sure wether she'll return and lay again but I'm hoping she will.

If I was to tie a net curtaina round the back of the tree to seal it off, do you think this would help? Or would it scare her off?
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