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my baby miracle just died

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My baby pigeon was fine up till 2 days ago. I was feeding him a formula for two weeks; he started to pull away from the dropper; I looked in his mouth and there was yellow buildup; treated her with two medications; one for canker and an upper respiratory which she showed no signs of for the last two weeks.

Question: do all baby need to be treated for canker and upper respiratory if there are not visible signs. Should I assume as a precautionary measure that these steps need to be taken.

I am devastated; she was more like my dog than a precious bird. She believed I was her mother; put her beak through my fingers to feed; followed me around; came when called; would tap my hands to let me know feed me; yes, I am devastated because how could anyone not become attached to a little creature in need; one that trusts; tonight she died. She didn't want to eat; and even though she was treated for these ailments, I looked in her mouth and the yellow was still there. She sounded like she had a cold even then.

When do they get a chance not to suffer so. Do we need to medicate even if we do not see anything present? Would you give a child cold medicine if they didn't seem to have a cold? Maybe birds are different; I guess I will be learning this the day I stop breathing but the learning hurts so bad; I have never raised such a responsive bird in my life; she was surely my miracle.

Now, how do I alleviate my pain; I guess never. Sorry if I appear very sad; I am.

She had no runny eyes, no nose or mouth discharge except over the past two days her mouth became somewhat slimy. Could this condition have already been there but no visible? She was only about 3 weeks old.

Thank you for listening.
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Sorry to here about your loss I recently lost a baby Frillback pigeon after feeding for two weeks I understand your sadness. You tried your best
I am so very sorry, I have lost babies and it is heartbreaking. They are so loving and trusting.

Was it exposed to infection?

Unless there is evidence of canker either in an individual or in a loft I would not treat young babies routinely. The parents will pass some of their own trichomonads to the youngsters when they are feeding them and this allows them to develop their own immunity. It is only when the parents start to shed too many trichomonads that infection can develop.

I am wondering whether this was canker or a yeast infection. One of my early rescue squabs did of a yeast infection.

I'm so sorry to hear the youngster died. I know what a heartbreak it is when you are their whole life, and you grow to love them thru a day to day relationship.

How long did you treat for the canker? Did you actually get a diagnosis? It might have been some other disease too.
baby miracle just died

A friend of mine that has a coup for racing pigeons usually is the person I go to for help. In the past, some of the vets I have gone to, don't want to give the bird back or just put down. Even though my friend says he is not a vet nor an expert, I've trusted his advise. Funny how Emergencies arise; at night, on a holiday weekend, during a snow storm; while you are working and can't leave, etc.

My miracle showed absolutely no signs of any disease; was feeding fine for almost 12 days; growing; active, following me all over; nesting in my neck, sleeping alongside me on two occasions. On the 13 day or so, did not want the dropper in her mouth and pulled away; was fluffed up. As sick as she became, she still showed her love and the desire to want to eat but couldn't; treated her for two days with canker medicine, spartex and for her respiratory that she developed those last two days, enrofloxacin 1/4 tablet.

Sometimes you think you know alot because of the successes and the failures; but you just never do. I do know after her, we are never the same. She brought me such joy and showed through her actions her attachment. Pigeons are so social as babies.

That is why I was confused about treatment of respiratory and canker before the onset. I miss her being gone; it surely is a great loss.

There are some pigeons that you rescue, most times a little older; they wack you with their wings and you know they just want to get on their way; but then there is "Miracle"; young, loving, devoted.

Life is not easy is it?

Thanks for your replies and kindness; its good to know there are so many others who feel as I feel. I love pigeons and I know they are hated by so many.

Last week my boss gave me a Snapple cap and inside it said Fact #125, Pigeons have been trained by the U.S. Coast Guard to spot people lost at sea.
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Tell us...where do you live? If we hear of another baby that needs help perhaps you could call on you.
So sorry for your loss. Short as it may have been, know that you gave your Miracle the magic of being loved, too.
Sorry to hear about your loss...at least it had a chance to be cared for and loved.
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