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My bird layed an egg by herself...?

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We saw this beatiful white dove/pigeon get attacked by a hawk in our back yard and brought it to safety - that was two years ago and she has lived with us ever since; we named her SnowWhite. In the attack the hawk broke SnowWhite's wing she cannot fly. She has fully recoved otherwise and seems very happy. She coo's all the time and follows us all around the house. I have two questions:
1. She has started doing this cute little thing where she drops her head down and runs toward us...it looks very affection it...what does it mean?
2. Just about a week ago our bird (who has been in our home for 2 years without any other birds) layed an egg!!! How could that happen and what will become of the egg?

Can't wait for your answers. Thanks!
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My late bird :( Claire used to do the head bow, tail down, rush forward thing whenever she saw me. It's a courting display. We also did the pigeon kiss where I held her beak and she vibrated. She layed too eggs for me once as well. I believe pigeons only lay when they have (or think they have) a mate. I was Claire's.....it appears you are Snow White's :)

Cherish your little girl, my dog ate Claire and I still have times of intense sadness. I have other pigeons, but she, like yours, was very special.

Oh and the egg will be infertile. If she is sitting on it it's best to let her continue for 18-20 days. Better yet replace with dummy egg so there is no chance of breakage. Also, expect another egg in about 48 hours, usually they lay two. Sitting on them prevents her from becoming calcium deficient from laying too many. You may want to up her calcium if she continues to lay.
Kimberly is right but do make sure is has extra calcium all the time even if she doesn't lay often. You can buy oyster shell at the pet store or Petamine breeding food. Offer one or the other in separate dish at all times.
Can a pigeon directly die from a lack of calcium?

emmchahon- I hope you and your pigeon enjoy many more years of happiness! :)
That bird considered you as her mate so she layed an egg! Another egg might be coming in 24-48 hours. Obviously they are not going to be fertile.
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