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My friend's husband found a pigeon at Sakhalin

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Today my friend's husband (His name is Stas) found a bird with numbers on its legs, and he doesn't know what to do then. Stas doesn't speak English and asked me for seeking someone, who knows, how we can help that bird or its owner. That man is based at Nevelsk, the city at Sakhalin island, which is in Russia.

Right leg: TFPF2017 553919
Left leg: 09816

E-mail: [email protected]
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Hi Founder...
Welcome to PT and thanks for helping the bird indirectly. Have you tried googling local pigeon clubs. Get the site from there and search for above number.
Its probably a young lost bird.
Not sure where to find a list of local pigeon clubs near you but suspect there is a list on google somewhere.
You might want to put a "found" ad and see if there are any lost pigeon" ads on craigslist in your area.
Thank you for helping the bird.
Just noticed TFPF refers to a Taiwan club?
The poor bird is obviously lost and a long way from home. Is he eating and drinking ok?
If the owner doesnt want to get him, are you interested in adopting him?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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