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My Little Easter Surprise !

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Today I just had one of those little 'surprises' that Teresa had yesterday.

My little Roly Poly, who as always I had thought was a male as 'he' was so bossy and noisey. Being the smallest of my rescues,'he' had tended to just sit on the top perch would and never let anyone near.
Recently 'he' has been doing a lot of cooing and would pester and be a real nuisance to Poly, the definite male of the group. While Poly is nest sitting Roly will sit nest to him all the time, but when off the nest Poly chases Roly mercilessly around to see 'him' off. Definitely no chemistry between them.

Well yesterday, Roly went and sat in an empty nest bowl and just kept cooing. I felt sorry for 'him' and started throwing little twigs in 'his' bowl. 'He' made a lovely nest and settled down and sat in it nearly all day.

Well this morning when I went in I had a big surprise. Roly was sitting on an egg !!! So 'she' gave me a lovely Easter present

I've actually had three Easter eggs in all today, the other two were expected as they had laid their first eggs two days ago, so I guessed they were coming soon.

So HAPPY EGG DAY ROLY. Yet another hen in my family. :D

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Congratulations on having a HEN! What a wonderful surprise!!

Please congratulate Roly on her very first EGG. It has been an EGGcelent day hasn't it?

My gang and I send LOVE, HUGS and SCRITCHES TO ROLY for a job well done and keeping her "heness" a surprise!! :D


Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/Woe :)
Oh thanks all,

Roly has now produced her second egg, bless, it is so small, just like her !;)

She is doing a great job of egg sitting, just a shame she doesn't have a mate to share the duties with like the others. I've put some food and water next to her and she pops out for a little wander around every so often.

Poly went down to have a nosey at the eggs this afternoon when he was off duty. Roly thought he'd come to relieve her and came off the nest. Then when Poly went away, she hopped back on, so she's taking it very seriously, she would make a smashing little mum.


(Justice543, let us know when you have some cracking news).
congrats :)
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