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mysterious pigeon death

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a female pigeon layed one egg on my patio and it hatched. it was only a female pigeon no male around. i watched the pigeon grow for the past month or so seemed fine and healthy and today i walked out on the patio to find the month old pigeon laying on its back. it was still breathing but seemed like it was hard for it to breath it i tried to push it over with a broom but i seemed like it could not move about 3 minutes later it stopped breathing and died but after a brown fluid started to come from its mouth what could have happend?
also not sure if this matters but the female pigeon layed 3 more eggs in the past week
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I can't help with the baby ... but are you sure that the same female laid all 3 new eggs and that that female was the dead baby's mother? Pigeons will lay again when their young are close to weaning age ... but laying only 1 month later seems pretty tight ... and 3 eggs at once is not the norm.

Are the new eggs being sat on?
im pretty sure its the same female the baby pigeon was always around her even with the 3 new eggs but i remember that she layed 2 eggs then about 3 days later another one popped up in the nest but its a possibility that its not the same female i did notice about 2 weeks ago another adult pigeon hanging around close to the nest for a couple of days
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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