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These supportive measures should only be used after the bird has been stabilized-Here is the link to an excellent procedure written by Cindy:


These remedies should always be accompanied by a good nutrition program to support the healing and laying down of new healthy cells.

The products can be purchased at most nutrition stores, like Wild Oats, or Mothers Market.

If you have never done this before please seek help of a licensed rehabber or avian vet who uses Natural Healing Products (Herbal or Homeopathy)

Broken Bones & Trauma

Once the break has been set Symphitum can be used for pigeons with broken bones. For quicker nitting of bones and healing of cartiledge.

Arnica Montana is used for any type of trauma invloving bruising and swelling. Helps clean up the blood, heals and reduces swelling.

Dosage: 3 small tablets twice a day for the first few days, then 3 once a day.
For a smaller bird use 2 tablets. These are small tablets and easy to get down their throat.

Central Nervous Disorder such as, PMV.

Please see thread: http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/showthread.php?t=12248.
This thread is detailed information, symptoms, and care on PMV pigeons, written by an expert in dealing with this disease.

For infection you can put several drops of colloidal silver (Sovereign Silver) in the water or down the throat.

For purification of blood stream and increasing immune support, give adult pigeons 1 Garlic capsule (purifies the blood, also an anti fungul and anti bacterial) , Now Brand, softgel (2500 mg. with parsley)
For youngsters: Echinacea drops & golden Seal drops for children (with no alcohol in it) can be added to the formula.

As always. I recommend pro-biotics for adult and young pigeons, and Multi-vitamins for pigeons, in strict dosage. The multi vitamins should be used in small quantites for young pigeons in extreme cases of PMV and/or Paratyphoid. use a good pigeon multi like Herba Multi, and give extra B-complex in the form of Brewers Yeast. Lots of calcium sources also important to help relax muscles and it calms the bird. You can use the liquid form of calcium with vitamin D3 or, a 1/4 of a human capsule.

Offer the bird lots of water, and seeds in a deep dish, and a stress free environment. The bird should be kept isolated for 6 weeks or more.

Detox of Liver-due to poisoning, mercury toxicity, over use of drugs

See thread:


Barley leaf powder is a great liver detoxer for birds that swim and hang out around lakes and oceans, that may have mercury toxicity.

Milk Thistle seeds can help detox the liver in all birds, in the long term, once they have been stabilized and had initial treatments to rid the poison from the body. You buy the seeds and crush them up only a small amount as you need them. They can then be sprinkled on the seed and are readily picked up as the bird eats. Reishi is also an excellent detoxifyer (antibiotic), and important to use in overall liver health. Turmeric can also be used for detox.

Egg Bound Hen

I advice, first and foremost, to seek out a qualified avian vet first and foremost. These conditions may not be remedied permanently by these treatments, and a vet should ALWAYS be consulted with any egg related issue.

As soon as you see your bird in that (hunchback) position with rounded back, tail down, sometimes wings will hang down, (males may or may not be picking on her) and you know she should have laid her egg, sometimes they will lay the egg the next day, but if not don't wait, you can give her a drop or two of pure olive oil down the throat ( no more then a drop or two per day), and most likely you will see the egg within a day. The olive oil will lubricate the tract and help loosten it and get the egg out. If there is any sign of blood you will need to seek out a professional avian vet. Calcium in liquid form, or in alfalfa tab, or other source (1/4 of human dose) should also be given. This will give the birds muscle extra nutrition to help push the egg out. Cod liver oil will also provide the vitamin D and other minerals to support calcium uptake. I always give a drop of colloidal silver down the throat each day, until egg passes for infection.

You need to isolate the bird so she can rest and won't be bothered by the other birds. Put a heating pad on low, and lay towel on top of the heating pad, and then lay down lots of tissue in the isolation cage so you can monitor her droppings/shells/ or egg coming out. Let her sit comfortably, and give her access to food and water.

You can also give her access to bathing facility, as this will give moisture to the vent and help draw the egg out.

You can try this procedure also, if you have a hen with a broken egg just inside the vent, symptoms are egg shells and yolk coming out of the vent, as well as the hunchback look. Administer olive oil, once a day, until everything is out and there is no more signs of shell or yolk coming out, and the poop is normal. If there is any sign of blood you should get her to an avian vet immediately.

If she drops the egg but doesn't act better within a day, and poops are not normal, or if there is any sign of blood accompanying the egg, this is a serious situation that requires rehabber or avian vet immediately.

Garlic, Neem oil, and a drop of colloidal silver down the throat is also recommended. I have also given on occasion some brewers yeast for extra B complex vitamins.

Post egg Paralysis

Keep the bird warm. Give extra calcium (oyster shell 500 unit dose) and brewers yeast tabs for five days. You can also make raspberry tea, as it will help with contractions. Brew a cup of the tea and add water to delute it to half the strength.

Soft shell eggs/over & under production of eggs

For birds that have already treated with calcium gluconate and other forms to restore calcium with no results.

I treated a hen who was still laying soft shell eggs as follows:

Garlic capsule (1 per day) Clean bloodstream, immune system stabilizer

Colloidal silver (A few drops down the throat)for infections

Rub a small amount of Pro-gesterone cream on the leg, rub it until it is absorbed into the leg.

Warning: You must purchase a cream that is free of any artificials. I recommend Premier Research Labs "Natural Gesterone Cream" as it is 100% natural and has vitamins in it. You should also call the manufacturer to make sure the product can be used on birds.

The cream balances the hormones, thereby regulating egg production, and allowing calcium uptake. When the hormones are out of balance calcium cannot be absorbed.

Treatment for Pox

We know that the best way to avoid Pox is by prevention by innoculating your youngsters, but there are always exceptions:


This is a homeopathic herb used particularly for ill effects of vaccinations, blemishes, wart, polips, flued retention, tumors of Skin, gland, etc in people. It has proved to be a wonderful remedy for Pox in pigeons

Dosage: 3 small tablets for a good size pigeon, 2 for cockatiel size bird.
1. For the first two days: use above dose twice a day, preferrably once in the morning and once at night.
2. Thereafter: use same dose once per day.

In two weeks this product will get the pox out of the organs, internally and kick the immune system in gear.

Topical treatment: You can use Thuja oil topically. This is NOT to be used around eyes or nostrils and beak. Lesions should be completely gone in 2 to 3 days.

You can use Thuja oil on EXTERNAL LESIONS only, not internal. You must use the Thuja pills for internal use.

You can use Tea Tree Oil, deluted with water for external lesions of Pox and/or Canker. Use a Q tip and soak it up and dab on lesion gently. You cannot use the tee trea oil on any open wounds. Make sure the bird cannot pick at it and ingest it.
You can also use Colloidal silver on internal and external lesions, as well as Neem oil.

NOTE: The oils referenced above in italics can be toxic to birds if ingested or vapor inhaled, and are therefore not now recommended.

NEW LINK: http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/f5/homeopathic-treatment-for-pigeon-pox-31018.html

Heavy Infestation of Worms

20cc in the crop of Chaparell Tea makes a wonderful de-wormer for grown up pigeons. I have NOT tried this one, but my rehabber has used it and it works very well.
Always be careful with birds that are dealing with other health issues, this should be used for an otherwise healthy bird.

Probiotics recommended immediately after treatment.


This is a great tea to make if you are taking your birds on a long trip and are basketing (but not for a race trip) them. It calms them, and is a good nerve tonic, appetite stimulant, and digestive aid. Do not use for long periods of time.
...to be continued....
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