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Does anyone know anything about natural pain relief and anti-inflammatories for birds? I have read a little about cayenne pepper, but how much should you give a young pigeon?

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Hi, here you can read something about natural remedies for birds:


I read on the website of the French association C.RE.DO des pigeons some informations about the use of turmeric as anti-inflammatory.
They say that it's possible to give to pigeons organic fresh turmeric (a piece of 4-5 mm square once or twice a day) or organic turmeric powder (mix in a bowl the equivalent of one drop of turmeric with several tablespoon of oil, like rapeseed oil or sunflower oil, and give one drop to the pigeon).
I have never tried it.

They also talk about the use of arnica CH 9 as pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

Day one: 3 pellets twice a day (total 6);
Day two and three: 2 pellets twice a day (total 4);
Day four: 1 pellet twice a day (total 2).

This is the link (I'm sorry but it's in French language):


I gave arnica just to my beloved cat Kira (the vet prescribed it) but I have never tried it with birds.

This is a really interesting thread:

Herbal and holistic remedies for pigeons

About me, as natural remedies for birds, I sometimes use honey or chamomile tea, etc.
I always buy pickstones containing clay and anise and I give twice a week ACV water.
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