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ND pigeon seems all better, now what?

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well, this pidge seems to have made a recovery. she's flying up and roosting on top of doors, eating and drinking on her own, and the weathers warming up now, so soon i will let her go back to her flock. she likes to sleep by the window

this pidgeon is wild. there aren't any feral flocks here in grand forks. the pidgeon population has been greatly reduced in the last 5 years, due to death spikes downtown and all, but they have removed these in the last year or two. i've never seen anyone feeding the pidgeons in any parks or areas around here.
this pigeon was downtown when i found her, and i don't know how territorial these birds are, so i'm loathe to take her to a favorite pigeon roosting area in town here (it's an underpass on the main drag here) i think that's a different flock.

my initial plan was to take her back where i found her, i thought she would surly recognize the area, as she was probly hatched there, and let her go as she flys well and is perching...plus aren't pigeons home bodies anyway? perpetually returning to their native roosting places?

but perhaps a soft release is called for. this will be tricky for me, as i will literally have to lure the downtown flock, (never have done this before) and then this town is small enough that somebody might get annoyed with my efforts once the flock wants to hang out in central square (they have a saterday market there, but it's a downtown cement amplitheater across the street where i found this bird) would it be harsh to just let her go where i found her? and should i wait untill it's even warmer out? it's not supose to fall below ) degrees again, but maybe 30 is better?
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Sounds like you have done a wonderful job.

I would wait until the weather warms up, she may be acclaimated to warmth of indoors. Do you know anyone else who might be rehabbing some pigeons? If so you could acquant this bird with their's and release them at the same time. There is more safety in numbers.

Perhaps you can allow her to bathe too, so she can get her feathers weather proofed, if you haven't.

Here is a thread that might help with releasing her, if you haven't seen it.

I am so glad your pigeon has improved to the point she can be released. I doubt seriously she would stay at the bridge site if you release her there so I would take her back to where you found her. She is familiar with her surroundings and probably has "friends" there as well.

Treesa suggested keeping her until the weather warms up. I agree 100%. I know you have some really cold days in ND and if your weather is as unpredictable as ours is here in the south, you just never know what the temps may drop to. Frankly, I would keep her in until the end of April or first part of May.
thanks! the end of april it will be ! she hasn't taken a bath at all...she seems to have an aversion....perhaps i'll give her a good misting.
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