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A couple of days ago I saw a juvenile with an eye covered by white mucus on my window sill, looking a bit fluffed. I fed him and he returned every day, ending in entering my balcony (he is thin enough to get through the grates) where I keep my birds. I decided to isolate him and treat him - though at that time his eye wasn't covered anymore (but still looking a little inflamated). He was very cooperative - I could only find medicine to put in his water but he drinks when offered. His eyes look quite normal after 3 days but I'll keep him on a minimum 5 days course (unless advised otherwise). He is lively, his poops were good in the start, but got worse with antibiotics (expectable), he eats and preens, but obviously longs to be outside.

2 days ago,I saw another with the same covered eye. Yesterday he came to eat at my kitchen window, but also being a juvenile, he wasn't managing to get past the older ones, so I caught him and he was hungry enough to eat while being held. I decided that if I'm mixing meds for one, 2 can share them. I know it's not ideal to keep them together but I have 8 birds of my own that free fly in my place and that little closed balcony where I keep them is the only place I can.

Problem is the 2nd also shows signs of canker. His poops are green and with a yellow tint, also with bubbles. He is also more feral than the other one (perhaps a little older) and he doesn't want to drink when offered. I hope he is drinking medicine when left alone. The meds I am giving them are doxycicline+tylosin+vitamins (Cest Pharma Respiratory Plus is the name of the product). I noticed the solution turns brown after a few hours and I read when turning brown doxy looses potency (apparently related to light exposure) - so I change it in the afternoon.

My question is - can I give two medications at once? I can get metronidazole in the shape of pills, or ronidazole in the shape of powder, but I reckon I can't mix 2 meds in the water. Should I treat them both, since I'm keeping them together? They are both juveniles - their eyes are starting to turn. I managed to weigh the 1st one (let's call him Grey, since he is a regular feral) and he was 235 grams, not too bad for a juvenile. The 2nd is a little smaller but probably breed too - he is white with specks. White is sitting a little more fluffed than Grey, though he seems to do it mostly when I'm looking at him. None of them is happy to be captured. Grey is mildly chasing White, but not too agressively - mostly just push him around and leaving him be if White moves away.

The plan is to treat their colds and get some food in them - and let them go. I feed the local flock at my windows but they were struggling to get something. In fact, what happened with Grey was sort of endearing: on saturday I heard desperate squeeking and when I checked, one of my pigeons was bludgeoning Grey, who had managed to get through the grates (I was feeding him out for 2 days). Was sheer luck I heard him - I was about to leave the house and I'd have been gone all day. I fed him and let him free through a window that doesn't have grates. Next day, when I opened that window he snuck himself inside and dove in my pigeons' food bowl. I use jars and he literally planted his face in seed. Again - I fed him and let him out. Next day he came in the evening but just stood aside fluffed and didn't come to eat. I was getting sad and worried, but in the morning I found him waiting between the window (I close it at night) and the grates (there is a space, as I have that place arranged for my birds to get some sun). He wasn't panicked to be in that small space, just sat there.
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