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Do the feeding method Charis describes above. It's easy and very nutritional. From that method, then can segue into eating/pecking solids on their own.

Regarding the second half of the question:

You need to make a decision, really.

Are these to be your domesticated, human-bonded pets ? Or are they to be released back into the Feral world ?

It would be wonderful if pigeons would agree to being half of each, and have a foot in both worlds. But that's not how they are wired.

If you wanna keep them as your friends, they can have a wonderful life under the care of a loving human if you give them the right sort of housing and care.

If you want them to be Feral and return to the world into which they were born...one has to do much more than feed them until they grow up and then just let them go outside one day.

There is a process called "soft release" which you absolutely HAVE TO do if you intend on releasing them. It mimics (in an abbreviated version) what the babies would learn by following their parents around for a while, once they fledge and leave the nest.

Just because they can fly does not mean they have the tools to make it in the Feral world. From mom and dad they learn how to eat and forage, and how to avoid predators and vehicular danger. They learn how to socialize in a flock, and how to stick with other pigeons for security.

Feel free to either do a search on the Forum for "soft release" or just PM me and I can give you instructions. It takes about 15 minutes/day for about 1 week or so....and can be started when they are about 6 weeks old.... but they should not be released before 8 weeks old absolute minimum.

Thanks for helping the babies !
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