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Need help deciding on what breed to raise :(

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Alright well before I start building my new lofts I'm gonna have to decide on what I wanna keep.

Before this 4-5 month period of not keeping them, I raised Pakistani/Irani/Iraqi/and Serbian Highflyers....yep big fan of those highflyers lol!

I wanted to start raising/and racing homers but for the time being I just won't have that much time due to school and all.

I came down to a couple possible solutions:

1. Pakistani Highflyers
2. Birmingham Rollers
3. Indian Fantails
4. Uzbeck Crack tumblers

So that makes 3 performing breeds and 1 show breed.

I'm 15, 16 In August. Going to be heading off into a new school and a new team in September. I have about an hour a day in the weekdays, and on average 4-5 hours free on weekends. (When I have school) In the summer I'm free almost 6-7 hours day. When June starts it'll be 8 years since I started raising pigeons.

Looking at my little description, how much time I have, and experience which one of those breeds do YOU think would be best for me. I love them all, and my dad likes the fantails in particular. (He has around 15-16 years of experience with pigeons too).

So what ya think?
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Given your situation, I would say that the most determing factor would be the time.
With an hour here and an hour there, doesn't give you much time for feeding, cleaning AND flying the birds, so IMO, fantails would be the first choice. Got time to feed and take care of them, but don't have to worry about flying them and them getting the exercise needed.
That's just going by what you said in the above post though.
When I have school:

Mondays-Thursdays- 3:30-5 I'm free
Fridays- 3:30- when ever I'm free
Saturdays - Whole day expect 6PM-8PM
Sundays- Whole day expect 3PM-5PM

When I don't have school:

Everyday, anytime, expect 6PM-8PM I'm busy due to wrestling practice.
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From what I've seen good chances is it'll be either the high flyers or fantails, but I can't find any fantail breeders in my area that wants to sell any.
Hey man, fantails are cool, but highflers ROCK! Ofcourse whatever you have time for. I would love to have some highfliers but i still havent found a local breeder, or anyone on this site who would sell or donate a pair to me.

GOOD LUCK !:cool::)
I would also pick Fantails. The fact that you don't fly them makes things just a little bit easier.
I'm ALMOST in the same boat as you, except weekdays I don't get home until 5:30. But the rest of the time I'm free. It's hard to do sports and such and have school and pigeons at the same time. Like last year I would have been in the marching band if it wasn't for the schedule eating up my time and conflicting with my races. I quit once I found out what I'd be in for. The majority of my friends still can't understand that my pigeons come first, haha :rolleyes:
Just ask yourself whether you enjoy watching birds flying or not. Then the answer is obvious if you don't like watching them fly because you only have choice (fantail). The flying part is more confusing. At my place those birds might give me more pain watching them get taken by hawks.

I like those on the list, but Birmingham rollers don't eat much. So that breed has one advantage. The advantage of those highflyers is that if they fly, they can fly high and long so maybe you can do other activities while they are up there. At my place I prefer flying breed. When I see them all locked up, I get bored watching them stuck inside. Only when they are freely flying do I enjoy it myself. So they are happy and I am happy.

So the question then is to choose a breed to take care of when you don't have the time. The answer is obvious to that--one of those show breeds just like fantail. But I would predict that if you do that you might end up bored compared to the restless activity of high school. Sooner or later you will end up neglecting that bird.
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Yeah, the only reason the birmingham rollers and uzbeck crack tumblers is up on the list is because John Wiens (2002 World Cup Champ-rollers) breeds them and is giving me a great deal on a special kit he bred this year.

And watching/flying is the problem. I like it when the birds are flying and I also just love to watch em in the backyard foraging. This is gonna be the tricky situation cause I have to decide this week and start building before my dad gets lazy again lol

Also, I can't really find anyone willing to sell fantails, but there are a ton of high flyer breeders in this area.
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