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My name is casey and i live in salt lake city utah. Last night i had found what looks to be a baby pigeon not more than a couple days old. He was lying on the grass next to his other sibling that didn't make it. I took him and the first thing i did was warmed it up. It looked like it wasn't going to make it, but to my surprise it started moving around a little more and opend its eyes. I started feeding it some small crickets through the night and it looks to be doing pretty well. Do you have some info on alternate methods of feeding or any advise?

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Thank you for helping this baby.

Please make sure the baby is warm, you can do that by setting it on a heating pad set on low, but put a towel between the baby and the pad. The baby needs Exact baby bird formula or another baby bird formula, and you need to use either syiringe or use feeding tube, or balloon method to feed the formula to it. Follow the instructions on the formula carefully. Make sure the crop empties before feeding again.


Make sure the baby is warm and out of any air drafts and cold air.

Check the resources section for feeding methods, that is where you originally posted your thread.

Pigeons do not eat crickets, the babies get fed a formula from its parents. The birds grow up to eat seed and legumes.

Here are some hand feeding instructions from day 1.


Various methods to feeding youngsters:


If you need help check this list for resources:

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