Please help! A couple of weeks ago I found a baby pigeon had fallen out of nest and another dead next to it and as it was local I new cats hung about there so I took the bird home (no experience with birds whatsoever) and I tube fed her untill she was able to feed for herself she's a happy chirpy little pigeon but suffers with a splay leg I've Google searched her symptoms and that's what it's saying she's got! Then a few days ago I was walking home and found a really badly injured pigeon blood allover I had to try and save it so I got a box from my local shop and brought it back home I have had freddy for 4 days now and for the first 3 days I thought she was going to die she would drink loads of water but no eat anything but today to my surprise shes been eating loads but her wounds are still bad and she is unable to stand properly stands on one leg and today coming back from shop again found a baby pigeon whose eyes had been pecked out and attacked so ended up bringing that one home aswell I don't know what to do but lucky the first pigeon I cared for seemed to have done good whatever we've done so I thought at least give it a shot to try get them better for them to fly away