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Need homes for two good birds, Michigan

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I have a large white pigeon whos name is Olive . I live in Michigan, and I flew him here after a friend in California bought him a ticket to return with me after I visited her in San Francisco. Hes very big, a King Pigeon, and very cute and mild mannered. I have him in a large cage with Quinn, a feral/homer mix that is less than a year old. Quinn is rather plain, sort of a black checker, but sweet as pie. I cannot keep either bird, and need good homes for them. I have tried and tried to make this work, but I have five other birds and two dogs and three cats and with my athsma I just cannot make it work. If there is anyone who can give my pets a loving home, please let me know.
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It sounds like these two birds are pets and very accustomed to being around humans...right? If so do you think they would do best as house pigeons or do you think they would be ok in a loft situation with many other birds?
Hopefully we can match them up to the home that will be best for them.
Hi, yes, they are pets. They live indoors. Quinn has never ever been outside he only knows what its like indoors and has only ever shared a cage with one bird.

Olive was found in a bar in San Francisco and was very friendly, begging for food from anyone who came close. My friend rescued him and then shipped him home with me when I came back home to Michigan after visiting her. When Olive was "wild" he refused to go outdoors, and ran back in the doors of the bar whenever he had a chance to.

Both birds are friendly, used to humans, used to being held and hand fed. They live in a very large Amazon parrot sized cage.

They would do best as house pet pigeons.

Thanks again.
They sound like a couple of wonderful characters with quite a history.

Our members may want to know if you will ship them, or are you looking for a home in your area or can you do either?

Thank you.
Yes, I will ship to the right family. It would be nice if they could live indoors like they do now.
Is there a way for me to upload a picture of the two birds that need homes?
I would be happy to post a picture for you if you email it to me. That would be easier than trying to explain it, although some other member might be able to explain it very well.
[email protected]
Well, I managed to upload some pictures of Quinn and Olive to my folder, under my profile. They arent the best photos, but you can get a general idea of just how adorable and sweet they are. They really have to go, and I am getting worried about it. I will ship to the right family.

God bless,
I think they are very good pictures.

Here's a link...
Thanks Charis, for the link. I should mention that one reason I must give them up is that my 19 year old is pregnant and I just cant keep up with the cleaning that must be done with a pregnant girl and soon to be baby here. I can do a few pets, but I am just not able to keep the dust down with so many. :( I worry about my daughters health and the health of the baby. I also have athsma but I am more worried about the others.
Is there anyone interested in this nice "couple"? I am not sure if Quinn is a male or female, they both seem like males to me, and no eggs, but Quinn is still young.

Olive is a very pretty white King pigeon, and Quinn is a very nice feral/homer mix. He comes to his name.

I am in Michigan but will ship to the right family. I just cant keep them, we spent all day in the emergency room yesterday with my pregnant daughter and her athsma. The dust is just too much, and I may have to give up my ring necked doves too :(. I can see the dust in the air ....no matter how much I vacuum.


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Have you tied contacting any animal rescues in your area? Even if they don't specify dealing with birds/pigeons, call them and ask. You never know, there are pigeon people all over. You just have to find them. :) Here's a link with lots of Michigan rescues and shelters: http://www.kalamazooanimalrescue.org/michlink.htm

Good luck!
Thanks for the link, I have been searching locally, but will ship these guys anywhere! No luck so far, but I am hopeful.

Edie :D

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