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Here is a pic of the bottom of my loft floor. Is the ledge on that slanted piece of wood with the three holes wide enough at the top for a pigeon to cling to? It is 3/4" wide. If it is, I will put metal flashing at the top so they can't stand there and poop. Thanks, Don.
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I don't think they'd try to sit there, especially if you have other perches. They usually tend to pick the highest place possible to perch first.
It may not be wide enough to perch on but I have found that some pigeons will cling to anything that sticks out of the wall. Even though they have more then plenty of perches, I will open up the coop and still find a bird trying to perch on a supporting piece of framing. Also, anything that sticks out is fair game for pigeons and poop, it seems to fly everywhere. :p
Thank you for the replies. I have plenty of perches, but I will wait to see if they try to walk on that little ledge. Hopefully not, Don.
I would not worry about it... Dave
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