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New Arrivals ..

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Cute birds.
Scully looks like one of my birds which was scalped. The feathers never grew back on the top of his head and he has "horns" too. Looks really cute..

Poor little tailless guy, and horned Scully! Of course now they're in your hands they'll recover quickly. ;)
Tail less beauty and a horned pigeon! Poor little scalped one, our Birdie was like that, and he fought treatment like any good feral would. Turned out great in the end.

Callie and Pilgrim are sweeties.
What a stunning bird - very flashy! No band - so a feral?

Scully looks so exotic - what a beautiful dark check!
I think the "just arrived" bird is a domestic .. very calm bird .. and now that HE is feeling a bit better has let me know that HE is a HE! It's kinda hard to be swishing and fanning your tail when you don't have one any longer, but HE definitely gets the message across. That's a boy bird if I ever saw one!

LOL!!!! So glad he is feeling better!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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