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New Babies

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Had two baby bellneck birmingham rollers hatch today. They will be going into the kitbox in about 5 weeks to start their journey of rolling here in the back yard. Hopefully they will make it and all will work out. Looking forward to this summer!
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Im glad to hear that, im still waiting for mine to start laying. Any suggestions??

Ryan Shaeffer
I hope they roll good for you! you should post some pics!

PSU, have they paired up yet? If they have just give it time, dont stress them out.

I have two 24 days old and two 9 day old homers, its amazing to watch them grow so fast. I cant wait to see them start to fly.

Do you still have the bells and blacks in the small coop? Make sure they have plenty of grit, plenty of food in front of them all the time, and maybe consider a vitamin supplement in their water. That's all I did with mine and they took right off. With this weather starting to warm up like it is, they oughta start gettin jiggy wit it any time now.

Have you paired up any of the others?
Another new hatch this morning and looking for a couple more this weekend....sweet!
Congratulations on the new babies.

But you know you can't share about new babies, without posting pics...:p

so please post pics of the babies, they sound lovely. :D
I'll go get some of the bells, but the black wont let me near hers, she is Ms Protective.
Here they are

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great shots, they built a nice little twig nest. there is just something about lookin in a birds nest and seeing little ones in there that make you say ohhhh, with out even thinking about it.:p new life is so sweet.:)
Rider, do you think the bottom one will turn out white too? His parents are a blue bar male and a black and white baldhead hen....
What a great shot!! Still in the egg (but trying hard to get out)
Thanks for sharing the pix - I always visit this site over my first cup of coffee in the morning - and there is no better way to start the day than seeing precious pidjie newborns! Oh, and the mum is lovely too!
Just in from the loft and they are all doing well. Should see another one hatch tomorrow, and then next week we have a handfull more on the way...by Friday we should have all the ones hatched that are gonna hatch...at least on this go round.:eek:
Anytime you have yellow down you will have a soft color bird! chances are good,John!!!!!!
John,any time you have yellow down you will have a soft color! chances ar good!

The one in the bottom picture turned out a dark grey color with white flights and tailfeathers....and his beak is even black...cool lookin bird. It's wild how fast these babies grow.
Nice picture, but I've never heard of that bellneck name. What family is that?
Your birds are beautiful. The babies are so cute. The Black Hen is MAGNIFICANT!!!! If she ever needs a home, I would take her in a heartbeat.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.
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