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Let her take a bath

The vent could be caked if she was in a small dirty cage and couldn't stay clean. You should offer her the chance to take a bath, if you can. Get a large flower pot saucer and put an inch of room temperature water in it. She will make a mess bathing but she will probably clean herself up and feel better (if she is taking baths in her cage, offer her a bath right before you clean the cage because she will make a mess!).

If she does bathe, make sure she is not in a draft afterwards while she is wet. Also, it could be something else, other than cleanliness causing the vent caking so watch out in case she is sick and needs to go to the vet.

If you want her to be a tame pet, I'd suggest limiting the amount of time you grab her in your hands - though maybe you had to, to trim the mess around her vent. Doves really prefer to just sit freely on your arm or shoulder but don't usually like to be held, petted, or restrained in any way. And they should not have their wings clipped! Just hand tame them in the cage before you let them out. Mine fly right over to me and enjoy free-flight time outside of their cages.

My doves take a bath every few days and really enjoy it.

My parakeets like it too!

p.s. you mentioned feeding her seed and pellets. Keep in mind, doves need grit and crushed oyster shells as well (for the minerals and for their digestion) so offer some in a separate bowl - buy the size for parakeets.
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