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if you have a website please add it http://pigeon-talk.co.nr and also register there. moderators,helpers and v.i.p's wanted thanx
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So, are you Herman or just one of his pals, 'Mr Blingy'?

Not that it matters. Either way, I would suggest that you make a lot of changes to your forum so that is ceases to be a poor 'clone' of this one, and no longer contains any copyrighted material.

Oh, in future don't bother posting here under your other user ID, either.

This is crazy. That website almost look like this one--almost like a twin. It is bordering deceptions. The owner of this website should have bought that pigeon-talk name domain as well to prevent this from happening in the first place. Now new people will get confused and wonder which is the real pigeon-talk! That website is like a copy-cat website. Totally uncool on my book.
It IS very uncool for other sites to "steal" our format as well as a lot of other things. It would be impossible to buy all the possible sites using pigeon-talk as part of the site address .. too many countries/regions of the world to cover. There truly is ONLY one Pigeon-Talk, and it is HERE! :)

Well said Terry. all that other site could ever hope to do is copy what you have spent yrs building here, they will never have the expierence that the members of PT have. If they could recruit the members from here. lol All i know for sure is I'll stay here, and i'll bet every body here will do the same.
Now who would steal the name of a reputable, reliable and honest group like ours?

Do the initials HSUS mean anything to you?(sarcasm)

Oh shucks, I'm not allowed to say that here.....
Just everybody stay here .. you're in the right place! :)

I'm staying :D
if you have a website please add it http://pigeon-talk.co.nr and also register there. moderators,helpers and v.i.p's wanted thanx
Why isnt this deleted?
Why isnt this deleted?
I was just wondering that...
"Why isn't this deleted?"

Obviously so that we will know that someone is trying to pretend to be this site. Maybe I should join that site and redirect people to go here. I will beat I will get ban from there.

It would be more respectful if that site names themselves Talkpigeon.com if they really want to have the world "talk" on their name. Just a suggestion!
I don't know what to think...The designer IPB and the Sulit.com in the bottom of the page looks like from my old country, I don't mean to say anything bad but I know it's not right...I know some of the PPC member here knows what is sulit means (worth it)...This might offend other members but you can ask the PPC members if you think I will say anything bad but this message will be for "pigeontalker"...

Pigeontalker hindi yata tama yang magme-member ka sa original na Pigeon-Talk tapos manghihikayat ka ng mga member para lang sumali sa inumpisahan mong site...I don't mean na pahiyain ka dito pero talagang hindi tama eh...Di ka naman nag-iisip parang hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng copyrights...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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