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New guy in NC

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Picked up my first 8 birds today, I think they are racing homers. 2 white, 2 red, 4 "classic pigeon look".

Spent more money and time building a 4x8 loft with 6x3 aviary. Learned some simple lessons but overall happy.

Net sources seem to suggest that NC sites are very outdated. If you are near NC or in NC, please send help as able. I'd love to meet others near me. I am located near Greenville NC. It would be neat to see others that are serious into this. There has to be better organization in NC???

If you have any unflown young birds that I can have, barter, or buy please let me know. I want more white and others. Not yet into fancy breeds.

What magazines or books should I get? What organizations should I join?

Thank you and tell me more.
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I couldn't tell you much for I'm a begginer myself. All I know is that if you are on this website very often you'll learn more than you could ever learn in any book or magazine.
Welcome...there's a few from NC on here. Greenville is a pretty good ways from me. I'm 15 miles west of Winston-Salem. Let me know if I can help.
Welcome! :) I think we may actually have some members out that way. I'll help anyway I can though :D
Wecome to pigeon talk! im columba livia!:)q. good luck with your birds!

One tip ,(you probably know already) make sure you build guard rails on your nest boxes.
(Trust me:eek:).

-Columba livia!
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