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Faversham Kent UK

My wife threw out seeds today as she usually does, and a ring neck young dove came down to eat, was eating happily when another dove flew down and we now know attacked it. We thought they were mating but come to find out the second dove which seemed to be a bit bigger was actually attacking the first one apparently over the seeds! The 1st dove stopped eating and when the second one flew off the 1st remained doing nothing. We found a couple of very small feathers but didn't appear to be major feathers needed for flying. The dove eventually "walked" off and did start eating some seeds. We thought it strange that the dove also didn't eventually fly off. I was able to come quite close before it walked away from me.
We continued to watch the bird and (s)he eventually went and sat by the garage door. We figured the other bird must have somehow injured it even though we could see no signs so my wife walked over to her sisters to get her cat carrier for something in which to put the dove. I kept my eye on the dove whilst researching these sites. I looked down for a moment and when I looked up I noticed that a feral cat that often tries to catch birds was at the end of the garden, and that the dove was gone. I ran down to shoo the cat off and found the dove. I picked him up and brought him into the house. I still could see no signs of injury but apparently he is either injured or in shock from the 1st attack by the other dove and now the cat. I put him inside the carrier on a towel along with some food and water. He went to the back of the carrier and sat in the bowl of food....not eating but just sat in it.
You can tell the dove is young but not so young that it would still be in the nest, probably recently out. Now I don't know what to do. The carrier is in one of the bedrooms that is quiet with the light off to try and calm the bird. The door is shut on carrier but maybe I should leave it open?
Can someone please advise?
As I mentioned, I see no visible injuries other than one wing doesn't seem exactly "right." Don't know how else to explain it. It's not broken or deformed. Perhaps it is in shock from the 1st attack by the other dove and now the cat. In any case I am at a loss. I really don't want to cause him more stress by putting him in carrier but I couldn't leave him outside if he just needed time to calm before flying away....he was walking around and had eaten some seeds prior to going up the small step to garage and sitting down...
Really need some advice here please...

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