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I am not a pigon fancier, though I love to watch them and there are a pair of collared doves nesting in my garden.

I work with really nice man who did not learn to read and write as a child - he is in his 60s now and I am helping him. His passion is his racing pigeons and I thought I could find some good stories here to download for him to read.

I found an article on another site about using the widowhood method of training, and we used that last week, but he uses a different method where he flies his hens and his cocks, I think alternately. If anyone could be kind enough to write a few sentences about how that works, I would really appreciate it and so would he.

This week he will be reading Birdy's article about training pigons. I look forward to getting to know you better and to finding out more about these intelligent and beautiful birds.
Well, I think this is a terrific idea and commend you for helping this gentleman. We're NEVER too old to learn.
I think maybe he flies a Double Widowhood system? You might ask him about that.
The difference in Widowhood and Double Widowhood is this:
Widowhood.......only the cocks are flown. The hens remain at home and are always there when the cock returns.
Double Widowhood: Both sexes are flown.......usually the races have a "A" race and a "B" race and they are liberated about 1/2 hour to an hour apart. Most people put the hens in the first race, (the A race) and the cocks in the second race (the B race).....so that in theory.....the hens arrive home first, trap into the loft and go to their nest box and shortly there after, the cocks arrive home and find their mate waiting for them.
Good luck with your undertaking and tell this man that we would LOVE to hear HIS stories.........maybe you should teach him to type while your at it. LOL
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