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New Member Introduction!

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Hi everyone! I came across this website by accident while googling some questions about pigeons. A couple made their nest on mine and my girlfriends' balcony a while ago, and I have since been trying to help them along by leaving food and water easily accessible, and making sure their nest is not disturbed. We've named them and are quite attached. The grey one is Brick-a-Brack and the black one is Nevermore :) Their chick has hatched now, and we check on them quite frequently. We believe the second egg may not have been fertilized or might have otherwise had complications since it hasn't hatched yet. If anyone has any beginner tips on how to make sure they're comfortable in our space, I'd love to be directed to resources! Otherwise, I'm excited to participate in the forum. About me: I'm Tyler, 21, a photographer and writer and lover of all kinds of nature.

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Welcome to PT. The second egg might still hatch, give it time. Just one thing to keep in mind. Putting out food and water may attract other pigeons. There will be fighting. You can leave a permanent waterdish, but remove the seeds after they have eaten. Pigeons eat in the morning and then late afternoon again.

Thanks for allowing them to nest on your balcony and enjoy watching the little ones grow.
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