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New to pigeons~

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Hello everyone! I'm brand spankin' new to pigeons :p

Here is a video of her first bath!!

The Story:
I found a tiny little baby pigeon on my work's roof, build a large cage out of supplies from Home Depot, and she lives in my room now!
It's name is Piper. I've had Piper since she was featherless, and I tube-fed her untill she was weaned (recently) and now she is healthily eating bird seed, I taught her how to drink water too. Now she is lounging around, playing outside with me, and stretching her wings!

She is fully feathered, but still has a little bit of baldness under her wings, and a little bit of baby fuzz...her neck colors are just starting to come in.

I'm very proud to be a first-time owner, and she is making an excellent companion. She loves to sit on my shoulders while i'm doing random tasks, and she cries for me when I put her down. And if I hold her, she relaxes, peeps, and looks at me all sweet like. <3

I'll post pictures later tonight~
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Hello and Welcome to Pigeon Talk,

Thank you for helping this little one, sounds like she/he is very happy and healthy and enjoying a wonderful life.

Please browse and familiarize yourself with our forum, and be sure to take some time to go to the RESOURCES section in the DAILY forum, it has a few links on what is needed for pet pigeons.

Please be forwarned, if you intend to let her fly outside or sit on your shoulder outside ,(unless she is in a carrier or in a safe aviary), we have some incredibly sad endings to some wonderful beginnings due to predators.

Can't wait to see the pics!!!
Kleiber welcome to Pigeon Talk! Glad to hear that you're having such a wonderful time with Piper. Can wait to see the pictures! We love pictures around here....lol
Oh she lives in my room, there are cats all over my neighborhood, including 3 of my own. My inside cat is a little calico, though I introduced her to Piper, and she had absolutely no interest in her, she's scared of her! My other two male cats will most definitely make her a meal if left alone, and i'm very protective of her, so there will be none of that going on since she's with me constantly. And I always close my door, and the door to her "Piper house".

Thank you for your reply :D Nice to meet you.
Posted a link on my first post~
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