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New York angelwings

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Hello everyone!! I live in New York the city of pigeons!! Whenever a wild life is in distress, it finds its way to me one way or another. Im no veterinarian but i sure have some know-how ive learned along the way. Suddenly i find myself in a puzzle!! I always read this site for advise for everything pigeons. A week ago me and my husband ran into this young pigeon under the bridge where tons of them nest. It was easy to assume that she fell from her nest or that mom got rid of her for some reason. There was no one in sight (no parents) and it was cold and raining. Her crop was empty and she seemed to be getting weak. She is so beautiful and nothing else seemed wrong so I scooped her up and brought her home. Upon closer inspection i noticed her beak was a bit cracked at the tip but nothing major. Also her neck bones seemed a bit to the side but since she was alert, moving her neck without problem i didnt pay much mind. No canker, her breathing sounds normal, no lice or crab flies either. I started feeding her Kaytee's baby bird formula 3x per day. She started to gain strength and even started flying a bit to the top of my bed and then back to her perch. Poop seemed normal. When i seen she was eating the scratch grains we offered in a bowl, i stopped the hand feeding in order not to stress her out too much. I cleaned her up with dawn after a while when i saw her starting to preen so that she wouldn't end up with all that car grease toxins that accumulates under those bridges and then end up on their feathers, and after a couple of days i noticed she stopped preening and moving less from her perch. Eventually i noticed that she was laying for long periods of time and not getting up as much. Soon after i found her on her back not able to get on her feet and from then its been down hill. She cannot move her left leg and her wings seem to not move either. Im no expert but i dont feel any broken bones superficially though every time she moves suddenly there is this clicking sound like a bone is just snapping inside of her around the torso area. She's able to move her right leg, foot, her neck, and is constantly trying to move around by using her beak but she can't. I gave her a 5 day course of Enro 10 but nothing changed. Today i started Tony's treasure tabs to see if that helps her. Im also waiting on some Calcium with D3 for pigeons that i ordered online. I trimmed her tail feathers in order to keep her more comfortable in the box where im keeping her now. I also trimmed her primaries for the same reason. We don't mind keeping her till she molts and her feathers are complete and perfect should she fully recover. What is going on?? We've had her for 8 or 10 days now. I don't know what to do. Please help!!! She is so cute and unique!! She has so much life in her but her body isn't responding. It hurts to see her this way. Thanks in advance for any advise any of you could offer
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Take the bird to the WILD BIRD FUND
565 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

They have teams of Avian Vets there just for that situation. They will give medical attention to any sick or injured wild bird. Home - Wild Bird Fund including Pigeons

They take care of the 1000s of birds injured flying into these sick GLASS buildings people have to build. Its worse since Hudson Yards got built up
Thank you so much for replying, but the baby sadly died😢. I didnt get the chance to bring her to Wild Bird Fund. I know about them. Best people!! Heaven on earth for all birds!! She had a very visible fracture on her torso that i noticed shortly after posting here. Maybe after falling on hard cement from such high post under that bridge? God knows!! I cried when i found her little body just passed😭 I wish i had been able to do more. My only comfort is to know she's ok now in heaven. Now she has the chance to get a new, healthy body to house her lively, sweet little soul. Thanks again for your replies and concern🙏💖
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