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newbie needing help

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Hi im looking to get just a few birds .. I havnt got room for a big coop ..I remmber seeing like a bird house on a pole before forget now what there called..Can any body give me any idears thanks again and Happy Easter
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I believe you're thinking of a Dovecote.........those aren't really popular here in the US....if that's where you are.
What makes you want to get some pigeons?
always want some birds for about the last 30 years but one moaning wife to another never got a round to getting any.iv just google Dovecote and thats what i would like a small Dovecote with room for 6 to 8 birds .Thanks you for your reply is there any plans how to build a Dovecote on here any way many thanks again Leigh
Well, I'm no expert at all on Dovecotes, but we do have members who have them. Just keep checking this thread for replies.LOL......I didn't mean to sound like I'm an expert at ANYTHING...........just don't know much about Dovecotes at all.
you was a great help now i no what im looking for i have found a site here in the u.k but there asking very strong money for then iv posted some photos so if any body has got any plans for any think like this it would be really great
i like the 2nd one much more tho :)

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Are you handy? Are you planning on building it yourself? If you know someone handy, you could just show them the photos.
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