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Hi there,
Its nice to meet you! I live in Brisbane and I have spent a lot of time with noisy minors; they are very friendly and endearing little honey-eaters & I enjoy them being around. People often confuse Noisy Miners with `Indian Mynahs' which are regarded as a pest species and are ferals. They are very different birds though- the bird you have is a native honey-eater, which normally feeds on insects and nectar.

If I may make a suggestion, your little Noisy Miner could do with some food that is like nectar, as its a big part of their natural diet. You might have to ring your wild-life rescue group for advice, but I know that you can buy a lorikeet feeding mixture from woolworths or most pet stores which would be suitable; Lorikeets and Noisy Minors drink the nectar of the same kind of plants and trees.

Because Noisy Minors are Native Honey-eaters, not ferals, vets are obligated by law to treat them for free. But you're right, you've got to be careful because many vets will just want to kill them if you don't seem to have a plan for it if ends up flightless.

You could tell the vet that you've made arrangements to give it to a wild-life carer or a bird sanctuary for rehabilitation, and that you want its wing set, rather than having it killed....do you think that would work? You could ask them on the phone before you take in, that way your little bird will be safe while you find out.

Goodluck, and don't forget that it needs nectar too. It will make a very nice companion for your family I think; they really are terrific birds who love people. For some reason they tame very easily and get extremely excited about humans who feed them. I'll think he'll adapt fine to your home life.
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