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Hi Im new to this post. I posted yesterday, but I cant get back to the thread.
Anyhow I read some of the literature that wsas recommended by a couple of fellow poster's. I learned that I may have a couple of troubled birds. I feed these birds and they come right on my terrace, so catching them is not too difficult if you know how. Unfortuvately I don't know how and Im a little afraid. Below is a list of possible ailments...

One bird is all wet and is not eating too much. It looks like its oil possibly. Itg has had a cut ont the back of its neck for 30 days now. It's not getting better.
Another bird or two has string on its claw or leg, I didn't dthing it to be so bad until I read on a website that they can lose limb or life from this.
The birds are on my terrace for about 5 hours a day from 6 am to nnoon.
If someone is in the Nyc area and can help me catch them, it would probably take only 10 minutes or so, I think, at least to cut off the stringj, i would appreciate it.

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